Đàn piano điện CASIO PX-3BK


Dòng sản phẩm kỷ niệm 30 năm của casio

Gía thành rẻ nhưng âm thanh và kiểu dáng sang trọng – chất lượng

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Đàn piano điện CASIO PX-3BK là dòng sản phẩm piano giá rẻ nhưng chất lượng hàng đầu.



Thông số kỷ thuật đàn piano PX-3BK

Keyboard 88-key, 3-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard (mat finish)
Touch Response 3 sensitivity levels, Off
Type of Keyboard AIF (Linear Morphing)
Maximum Polyphony 128
Number of Tones 250
Tones 16 piano tones, 12 electric piano 1 tones,
8 electric piano 2 tones, 8 clavitones / vibraphone tones, 18 organ tones, 20 strings/ensemble tones, 10 guitar/bass tones, 20 other (OTHERS) tones,
128 GM tones, 10 drum sets
Playing Styles Layer, Split
Digital Effects Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance, DSP (2 channels, 64 types, editable),
4-band equalizer
Acoustic Resonance System Yes
Type Demo Songs : 4 songs
SD Card Slot*
  • Supported SD card capacities: 2GB max.
  • Registration memory data store/load, SMF (Format 0, 1)
    card format, file delete, file rename
    *Number of songs and song data volume that can be sent from a computer for storage. (Capacity based on 1MB = 1,024KB and 1KB = 1,024 bytes.)
Display Screen Full-dot LCD with backlight
Pedals Comes with 1 pedal (SP-3), terminals x 2 (damper, soft/sostenuto switching),
3 pedal unit support
Half-pedal Operation (damper)* Yes
*When using an optional 3-pedal unit.
Key Transpose 25 steps (-12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones)
Tuning Control* A4 = 440Hz +/- 99 cents
*1 semitone = 100 cents
MIDI GM Level 1 compliant
Other Functions / Features
  • Tone select button
  • Registrations: 8 banks x 8 sets (64 sets total)
  • Master keyboard function
  • Mixer function
  • Synthesizer
  • Temperaments (preset scale): Equal + 16 other types
  • Octave Shift
  • Panel Lock
  • Pitch bend wheel (0 to 12 semitones)
  • Assignable switches x 2
Headphones 2 (standard stereo jacks)
Pedals 2 (damper, soft/sostenuto switching), 3-pedal unit connector
Line Out 2 (L / MONO, R)
Line In 2 (L / MONO, R)
USB* 1
*A commercially available USB cable (A-B type) is required to connect a computer to the USB port. Operating systems that support USB: Windows® XP Home Edition (SP2 or later), Windows® XP Professional (SP2 or later, 32-bit versions), Windows Vista® (32-bit versions), Windows® 7(32-bit versions, 64-bit versions), Mac OS® X (10.3.9 10.4.11 or later, 10.5.6 or later, 10.6.2 or later)
External Power DC 12V
Dimensions (W x D x H)* W 52.04” x D 11.25” x H 5.31”
*Not including projections.
Weight 23.81lbs
Finish Black metallic tone finish
Included Accessories Pedal (SP-3), music stand, AC adaptor
Optional Accessories Piano bench (CB-7), Pedal unit (SP-20),
Carrying case (PRIVIACASE)


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